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Ippolito & Pisani (S.P.A.)


M R MAC-TECH is the sole selling agent in India for M/S Ippolito & Pisani SpA, of Italy, who specializies in manufacturing of high quality wet felts and dryer screens on most modern looms.

In the most modern paper machines having sophisticated presses of high efficiency (bi-nip presses, tri-nip presses, shoe-presses……), lot of properties had to be satisfied by the technically upgraded modernized felts. These can be summarized as:

The felt should have good pick up property, with high adhesion between web and felt. The permeability should be high and the texture should be such designed to have little cloging tendency. `Should with stand the high pressure showering i.e. Should have good durability. With the usage of differnet type of chemicals in the pulp, it becomes necessary that the physical and dimensional stability of the felt should be there.


Manufacturing of dryer fabric and the selection of the fabric yarn is really a engineered process.

Ippolito & Pisani, SpA Specialices in the weave construction of dryer screens, its flat mono-multifilaments, increases the area of contact of the fabric with the paper sheet to enhance an excellent drying process. The “F/92-050-x” make of dryer screen of Ippolito & Pisani, SpA. Has got very good resistance to hydrolysis and high temperatures.

This is a thermofixed fabric of following specification:

Thickness of fabric : 1.65 mm
Gsm of fabric : 1200
Cfm of fabric : 300
Type : 100% polyster monofilament

All these, are kept in mind during the designing and manufacturing of felts by Ippolito & Pisani SpA .the consistency of quality is thus ensured by most modern computer system, and controlled needle loom in the single width of 13 metres.